Shaving Lessons, Chocolate Faces, and Unsightly Chin Hairs

Recently my Love, Michael, taught our oldest son, Zach, how to shave his upper lip. (See his fresh whiskers here.) Ever since then, Zach has been touching his after-five-shadow and asking me to feel its prickliness, as well. He has great hopes of his facial hair growing in thicker and eventually growing chin hairs.

This evening he asked me if women ever shave their faces. I told him that although not real common, some women do have facial hair, due to hormone imbalances, and have to shave. I relayed the fact that I used to alert (tease) my mom over her three unsightly chin hairs. But to my fate, I now have about 10 annoying chin hairs I need to keep tabs on. (Please discreetly tell me, if you ever see their insurgence.)

Zach said he really didn’t need to know that. (And you probably didn’t want to know that either!)

At least I still have one soft-faced boy in the house. I just informed Hudson (after he got out of the shower) to wipe off the chocolate still on his face.

How did this happen? It seems we were just exploring rollie pollies and worms in the backyard and now I have one son shaving and the other is taking showers instead of baths full of toys. But no matter what stage they’re in, I know that “Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him,” Psalm 127:3. And I’m honored to watch and help them grow into the men God intends them to be, whiskers, chocolate faces, and chin hairs along the way.


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