Sweet Summer Wreath

I enjoy seasonal wreaths on my front door and even more so, I enjoy making them.  However, at times, I’ve been lazy, busy, preoccupied and have purchased inexpensive wreaths at Target and Wal-Mart.

The below tired spring wreath purchased from Target several springs ago has become old and lifeless.

For the Valentines season, I literally kissed a naked wooden “kiss” sign and hung it on the wreath for a little spice in life.

This Easter season I found a garland with beaded eggs and berries that I wrapped around the wreath to spring it up.

For late spring and summer, I could go buy supplies to make a new fresh wreath, but now I’m challenged to once again reinvent my old lifeless Target wreath without spending more money.  I’ve wondered what more I can do to salvage this wreath one more season.  Structurally it’s fine.  It just needs life.

Then “Ahhhhh” the craft angels began to sing when I was out with my friend, Karen, last week.  I spotted a wreath with a sweet strand of beads like these.  I had already purchased these beads (with Karen) at Easter time.  So I was eager to pull them back out of the Easter decor box and reuse them!

I arranged the beads on the wreath but it didn’t work.  It looked like cute beads on a lifeless wreath. So I got the hair-brained idea to cut the beaded eggs off the Easter garland and arrange them with the beads on the wreath.  (Next Easter I’ll use the sugared eggs in a basket of some sort.)

And viola!  Here’s the final product!  I didn’t spend a dime or a penny, for that matter!  One tired wreath brought back to life with a little creativity and the reuse of items I already had.

Be inspired!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. karen
    May 02, 2010 @ 07:14:47

    delightful, creative, fun… :~)


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