Building Blocks for Orphans Part III

Today I began to think I am crazy for planning, saving, and making blocks to work with Zambian orphans next summer.  But tonight I’m blown away by my friends’ generosity and the steady order of blocks!  It’s amazing the difference a few hours can make!  (My Great Grandma Mabel used to say, “God can do more in five minutes than we can do in five years.”)

I’ve now realized that the $4300 needed will be raised and my faith has bolstered enough that I plan to take my teen son with me!

See below for some of the latest block sets.  I’ll post more soon!

Again, if you’d like to place a block order of your color/theme choosing, the cost is $2.00 a block.  Or you can make a tax-deductible donation by making your check payable to “FLMI” (Family Legacy Missions International) and note “Ellen Humphries Zambia 2011″ in the memo. The address is: 5005 W. Royal Lane, Suite 252, Irving, TX  75063.


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