I am Overwhelmed

I recently wrote about that second year anniversary of when Hurricane Ike struck our home and the turmoil we went through but the goodness of God, as we walked through it and on the other side.

Little did I know that we would walk through a similar (yet smaller scale) disaster over this past weekend.  Friday evening my husband and sons were getting ready to walk out the door for a weekend Scout campout when we discovered water literally spouting out of the wall below our water heater.  You guessed it!  Our hot water heater broke.  Despite our feeble efforts, water has a gravity-mind of its own and found its way in places wreaking havoc.


Initial water damage


For three days now I’ve been overwhelmed living with eight industrial fans, 3 dehumidifiers, a large filtering machine, torn up floors and the contents of my closet spread across our bedroom…  In fact, as I write this, I’m sitting in a coffee shop, because I can’t hear myself think at home.  (Just received a text from my husband who is home with the restoration crew that says there’s now pounding from the dry wall removal).  We will spend at least the next week or two having our home restored.


Restoration man finding more water damage


However, I can say I am still blessed.  I am still cared for.  I am still living in abundance. I still have more than I need.  I have a handy man husband! And our boys are safe.


Hudson havin fun with industrial fans


As I sit in this coffee shop with people eating, laughing and living all around me, I’m also overwhelmed by something deeper and greater.  I’m watching video pieces on my laptop of Camp LIFE with Family Legacy Missions in Zambia, Africa where my son, Zach, and I will be going next summer for 10 days.

I’ve listened to a story by a little girl named “Beauty”.  Both her parents died of Aids so she lived with an Aunt who would leave Beauty at night by herself while the aunt drank through night.  When the Aunt returned drunk, morning after morning, she beat the girl…  That’s just one of the horrific stories I watched as young orphans poured out the heart of pain and abuse.  Stories that we shield our own children from hearing.  But Beauty was so thankful for the safe haven of Family Legacy Missions and the love and safety it brought her.

One of the video segments that struck me was a group of orphan children beautifully singing the below song.  As one of the lead singing boys sang, tears streamed down his dusty cheeks.

Here I am with a broken heart

Crying out needing someone

All I can do is praise you my God

the center of my life

I want to love You my King

Wipe away my tears

Hear I am with a broken heart

There’s no name that tells me more

Jesus only makes me well

And all I can do is praise you my God

What perspective that gives to my inconvenienced life for a few weeks!  All I can do is praise you my God, the center of my life!

For your information, Camp LIFE with Family Legacy Missions is an intense week of strategic discipleship into the lives of the orphan and vulnerable children of Zambia, Africa (similar to VBS on steroids!)  Zach and I will have our own groups of kids with translators, as we share the love of Jesus with boys and girls who have been orphaned and abandoned.

With powerful prayer, overflowing love, contagious joy, non-stop fun, and songs filled with passionate energy, Camp LIFE brings true LIFE, and LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY, to tens of thousands of Zambian children every year.  Check out these videos: http://vimeo.com/zambia.

If you would like to join us on this trip, here is the website link: http://www.legacymissions.org/camp-life/.

Or if you would like to donate towards our trip and helping more orphans be able to attend CAMP LIFE, you can send donations to:

Family Legacy Missions International
5005 West Royal Lane, Suite 252
Irving, TX  75063
Donations: Ellen & Zach Humphries Camp LIFE 2011



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