Be Intentional-A Prayer for My Son(s)

It’s not only an honor to walk through the joys of life with my sons but the disappointments as well. Yesterday my oldest experienced a deep disappointment.  Both of us had the wind knocked out of our hopes on his musical success.  What we were so sure of didn’t happen.  But I was honored to stand by him and say, “I’m so sorry, son. You’re No. 1 in my book. It’s not a failure. It’s just a gauge for how to improve…”

This morning’s sermon was based on a favorite passage of scripture for parenting in Deuteronomy 6.  The three points of the sermon (if I remember correctly) were to be intentional with our children in our homes (teaching, leading…), in the church (providing spiritual impact…), and in the community (reinforcing for others and allowing other parents to reinforce the values we are teaching…)

The sermon and scripture reminded me of a poem I wrote for my oldest when he was just months old.  I have two sons now and this is still my prayer.

A Prayer for My Son

Lord, you’ve given me a special boy

And this gift is such a joy.

I know this gift is not a toy

But it’s one to care for by your employ.

Right now he’s as delicate as a sparrow

But Your Word calls him an arrow,

So help me point him down the straight and narrow.

Your commandments you’ve placed upon my heart.

Please give me the wisdom to so impart,

As he needs these for a good start,

For someday he will depart.

Whether we sit or walk along the road,

Whether we lie down to relieve a heavy load,

Whether we rise up and are on the go,

Lord, your commandments help us to sow.

When my patience is at stake,

God, give me grace for my mistakes,

For it’s the love and values I want him to embrace.

Naughty behavior will have to be treated,

Lord, let me know when to impede it.

And when good behavior is repeated,

Remind me that praise and approval are needed.

I end this prayer with thanks for my son,

I give him back to you Almighty One.

Based on Deuteronomy 6:4-9

Written by Ellen Humphries for her son, Zach


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