Want to know God’s will for your life? Give Thanks

“Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” I Thessalonians 5:18

Giving thanks is a simple thing but it can reap great rewards, like a small acorn that grows into a mighty oak tree.

I look forward to Thankful Thursday and skimming through my journal for all the blessings God has shown me through the week.  Going backwards:

14) Today I began my praise in Psalm 16.  I often start my prayer time with praise from the Psalms.  Since it’s November 18, I decided to go to Ps. 18 but I inadvertently read and praised in Ps. 16.

God is not inadvertent. His ways are always sure.

One verse that stood out was Ps. 16:5 “The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance.” NIV version or The Message version says, “You set me up with a house and yard. And then you made me your heir!”

I am thankful for a home and a floor.  I could live in a hut with a dirt floor but God has “set me up with a house” including climate control! And a yard for my boys to play backyard football in.

Our floor in our family room will be torn-up once again this Saturday before Thanksgiving, due to irregularities in the batch of flooring.  This will be the third time in a year and a half by way of natural disaster, water heater disaster, and now manufacture error. I will still be thankful, “for this is God’s will in Christ Jesus.”

15) I am thankful God has blessed me, so I can bless others.  This morning my boys and I prayed about how we as a family could reach out to needs around us. We prayed that He would show us.  Today we saw a need at Studio DaySpring to participate in the Christmas Card Drive with Compassion International where we will design a card for an unsponsored child in Ecuador for only $2.99 (folded card) or $1.99 (flat card). The deadline is November 29, if you want to participate too! Just click on Studio DaySpring.

I can’t wait for what need God will show us tomorrow!

16) I’m thankful for antibiotics that help promote healing in my son and for rest, as God designed our bodies to heal during that time.

17) I am thankful that God gives me a sense of purpose that I can’t get from any worldly pleasure or venture.

18) Hot green tea on a not so feel good day.

19) God’s grace, despite my misdirected faith.

20) Seeing the positive side of a negative situation.

21) For the gift of “Faith” which gives me hope for the hopeless.

22) Safe travels for my Scouts and safe conquering and climbing.

23) For a husband who invests in young men and leads them.













24) Time to soul search and allow the Spirit to set my feet on the right path.








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