Traditions With Our Crazy Fam

Each Thanksgiving weekend we have a tradition of cutting down our Christmas tree with my brother’s family. We’ve made many memories from standing with children in a field of trees during a thunder and lighting storm, to kids throwing up in a borrowed truck, and many more.  And if you know me well, I always have a camera in hand to document the memories!

This year brings a new addition to the family–my niece’s husband, Ben, and the same laughter and fun that is always had.

The Newlyweds

Zach taking pleasure in how he is inches taller than me

My boys

The tree house at Spring Creek Growers

The kids almost all grown up


Nephew Luke

Cute Tori

“Stop! You’ll poke your eye out!”, is what we often hear ourselves saying!

The newlyweds again!

The year of the thunderstorm Chad was just a little guy and he thought we were all going to die. This year Chad was the Stump Dog.

He won most every challenge!

My bro, Wayne & his wife, Kim enjoying the crazy kids

As they get older, the kids start showing their individualism. So now when we take pictures we say, “We’ll do a posed pic and then do whatever you want.” Zach chose to lay on the ground with Hudson standing firm.

The newlyweds first tree














The Tricycle Races!

Boys will be boys!

And the winner is Ben!










Always on the lookout for a photo op

Hay stack fun!











Photo op!

Newlyweds again!














Farm animals










Call me later!

And sometimes our memories are educational. Zach was enamored with making corn meal. He says he’ll never look at corn meal the same way again, as it took about 10 run throughs of the same batch of corn.


















And to end our tradition, we always eat at Mel’s Country Cafe, where Meems & Pops met us this year for burgers, chicken fried steak and fried catfish.


















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