ADVENTure Blog Day 15 Virtual Open House

I’ve been a busy elf for the last few days in preparation for my Building Blocks for Orphans Open House–Gifts with a World Impact.

As a result of the Open House, and many friends financial donations, my son and I have met our first financial deadline of $2000 for our mission trip to Zambia next summer.

We still have $5400 to go. But we believe God has provided this first financial deadline a month ahead of time and He will continue to do so for the remaining monies.

Preparing for the Open House, I had the thought that I could do a “Virtual Open House” right here on my blog. So if you’re looking to buy gifts with a world impact, I’d like to feature some opportunities right here and now.

The first one is through Groobs (Giving Relief Out of Buying Shoes). Jason Fry (A You Rock Dad), founded this organization and he attends my church. I’ve purchased this pair of his shoes and they are comfy! 

Check out a recent video of his organization and passion for helping the needy here.

The following is a blurb from the Groobs website for more information: “GROOBS was founded for one reason.  “Compassion.”   With every pair of GROOBS you purchase, you and GROOBS become partners.  Partners in Compassion.  For every pair of GROOBS you buy, we will give a new pair of GROOBS to someone in need with the help of the shoe charity………..and we’re just getting started.  In addition to sending a new pair of shoes to a needy individual, you will also get to pick a charity YOUR CHOICE to send 50% of the proceeds to your chosen charity.  For short and to change the BOGO, we call it “BOGO FIVE O” – Buy One Give One AND 50% of the proceeds will be sent to a charity of YOUR choosing!  You pick the charity that you are passionate about.”

The second opportunity to give is through The Mercy House founded by Kristen Welch of We are THAT Family. Kristen and I have a mutual friend and I’ve also met her and her family at a family camp.  She truly has a giving heart and is currently founding The Mercy House which exists to provide alternative options for pregnant girls living in the streets of Kenya. The Mercy House will aid them in nutrition, housing, prenatal care, counseling, Biblical teaching and job skills for sustainable living. You can support this newly founded organization by purchasing hand crafted items off of Kristen’s Etsy page here. In fact, I donated some of my Building Blocks for Orphans to her cause and they sold!

And the last opportunity but certainly not the least is Gifts of Compassion Catalog through Compassion International.  This is an on-line catalog of gift alternatives for friends, family and clients. No crowds, no lines, no stress – just a gift that will help make a difference in the life of a child living in one of the poorest communities of the world. These gifts help provide clean drinking water, medical treatment, disaster relief, food supplies and much, much more for Compassion-assisted children and their families. Meet real needs and bring real joy with a Gift of Compassion. Gifts include mosquito nets, soccer balls, chickens, goats, water filters, farm equipment, clean water and more. Gift prices range from $10 to $5000.

I’ve personally heard the President, Dr. Wesley K. Stafford, of Compassion International speak and his personal story is amazing. This is truly an authentic organization.

You and your family can also sponsor a child through Compassion International here.

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. … Defend the rights of the poor and needy.”
— Proverbs 31:8-9


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