ADVENTure Blog Day 16-18 Colors of the Season

This season of Advent has been quite the ADVENTure! Even though I’m not blogging daily, like I hoped I would, it’s keeping my eyes and heart peeled for the ADVENTure of the real reason for the season.

Lately, I’ve noticed the colors outside. Fall and winter colors come to Houston late in the year, because of our fickle weather. The trees have been gorgeous! I just had to go on a photo adventure today!  As you can see, the contrast of red and green colors are striking.

Admiring the colors of the season got me thinking about what Lisa Whelchel says in her book The ADVENTure of Christmas. She says:

“Over the years, tradition has ascribed special meaning to the colors of Christmas. Green suggests life–the eternal ‘ever-green’ life we have in Christ. Red recalls the blood that Jesus shed on the cross for us.

White speaks of the purity of the spotless Lamb.

Taken in 2004 on a rare snow day

Gold celebrates the divine nature of God’s Son and reminds us that He is the great King…”

As you decorate and notice of the colors of Christmas, let the green of the wreath and trees, the red of the poinsettia and berries, the white of the snow, and the gold of ornaments (and trees in Houston) remind you of the first Artist and His creative use of color in our world.

Which leads me to Thankful Thursday on Saturday, counting to one thousand gifts!

78) I’m thankful for the beautiful changing colors outdoors.

79) that God impressed on a complete stranger to support my Building Blocks for Orphans fundraiser.

80) Meeting our $2,000 financial deadline for our Family Legacy missions trip.

81) For band teachers who take sixth graders from this:

to this in eighth grade:


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