ADVENTure Day 21 Cockeyed Sheets

With sons, sometimes I have to write chores on the hall chalkboard like this:

Often he only puts sheets on partially, cockeyed and without pillow cases.  And if the lid is down on the hamper, clothes will be piled on top, instead of piled inside…

But I wouldn’t trade these guys for the world.  Someday I will long for piles of clothes and cockeyed sheets, for someday my guys will be long gone and I won’t hear the screaming and laughter coming from the room (at this very moment) with a total of five guys in it.

If you opened the bedroom door right now, you would smell all sorts of odors!  (I won’t long for that someday.) But for now, I’m enjoying the season of Advent and Christmas vacation, as we live, love and laugh together.

Always err on the side of relationships. The dust will return and the to-do list can be altered. This Advent season play with your kids and allow them to mess up your house with their friends.

“Sons are a heritage…”  Psalms 127:3


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