ADVENTure Day 23 My Son’s Birth

Lord, I know You bless children to touch our hearts for a reason

As You blessed the babe within me during a very special season


You planned it so well that I would carry and give birth at Christmas time

As you knew it was needed to remind me of Your Son’s life and times


As my son kicked and squirmed within

I couldn’t help but think of Mary’s journey to the inn


I often thought of Mary along that long journey’s road

Especially when I felt I was carrying a heavy load


You drove me to my knees during this burdened time

As my son was breech and he needed some time


I know Mary spent many a night on her knees

As she was preparing for Your delivery


Just as you planned Your Son’s birth from the start

You planned my son’s birth to show me Your heart


Two days before Christmas you gave me this special gift

Just to remind me of Your Son’s great gift


You drew me closer to Your heart through my son’s birth

I now pray his life will speak of Your Son’s great birth


I surrender him to You today

Just as Mary had to everyday


Written by Ellen Humphries

For her son Hudson Taylor



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