Going Off-Road

I often walk this path,

sometimes slow,

sometimes fast,

sometimes jogging,

sometimes singing,

sometimes crying,

sometimes smiling,

sometimes praying,

sometimes taking photographs,

sometimes with another,

sometimes in the heat,

sometimes in the cold,

but rarely off-road.

Today I generally followed the path

but walked up

and down the hills,

confusing my dog,

and working up a sweat in 38 degrees (No I don’t glow. I sweat!).

You see, for the last two years I’ve gone soft.

Stress has induced stress eating,

lack of discipline, and feeling sorry for myself.

The beginning of 2011 is bringing on

a fast of sweets for 21 days,

more discipline,

counting calories,

and a trainer who challenged me to go off-road.

I took her up on it!

It felt great!

What area of life do you need to step out and go off-road?

You can’t keep doing what you’re doing and expect different results.

I challenge you to go off-road and try something new.


Recommended reading: Made to Crave


Since it’s also Thankful Thursday, I’m counting up to one thousand gifts,

and am thankful to God for

111) renewed health motivation,

112) hot green tea sweetened with honey on cold mornings,

113) grace to mediate with my sons without losing my temper and giving into my frustrated emotions,

and 114) God’s written Word that keeps me grounded when my anxious thoughts run rampant.




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