SHE Had No Gloves

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Luke 6:31

As I sat in my car on a cold downtown street, emergency lights flashing, heater running, business people moving about in the cold weather, I watched a woman sitting at a bus stop obviously shivering from the cold. I was waiting on a friend to come out from a high-rise building so we could eat a nice lunch.  I observed and realized the woman had a baby haltered to her body who was bundled up. The woman, now a young mother in my recognition, had a winter coat on with her hands scrunched up inside the arms of the coat.

SHE had no gloves.

I continued to watch as she bounced her leg with the baby swaddled close to her, shivering, looking for the bus. My hands were cold but not near as cold as hers. I began to put my gloves on and then I heard a still small voice say,

“Give her your gloves.”

Compassion welled up within me. I HAD to give her my gloves! I knew I couldn’t drive off without doing so or her image would haunt me. Just then my friend came out of her building and hopped in my car. I told her I was going to drive up a few yards and asked her to jump out and give the young mother my gloves. As she did, the woman was immediately grateful. We told her to stay safe and warm and said, “God bless you.” We sat at the light and I peripherally watched as the young mom quickly put the gloves on, looking relieved and warmer.

I don’t know that young mother’s story, except that SHE had no gloves and no car. But she had a young baby at a very cold bus stop of whom she was shielding and protecting… Some of her needs were very obvious, most of them were not.

There are moms in need all around us. Some single, some teens, some married, some widowed. I recently interviewed a mom who is helping women in need out of her own brokenness.

Cheri Riggle Jakovich founded SHE Organization and this is our interview:

Cheri, tell me briefly about your ministry and your bio?

I created SHE Organization for single moms, out of my own personal journey. I became a single mother at the age of 36 with three kids. I never thought this particular way of life would ever be something I would personally experience. I came from a solid family with parents who are still married today–a preacher’s home. Divorce just didn’t exist and suddenly my world, as I knew it, would be completely altered. The steps for this part of the journey where extremely unfamiliar and very difficult to navigate. I began to realize the severe need for support and encouragement, for sadly, half of the families in our society. Being a single mom, although difficult at times, has enabled my journey to discover deep strength and strong compassion for the women who are raising our next generation. SHE was developed for every women, but with special emphasis on the single ladies surviving divorce, and raising a family. If you know a single mom, if you are a single mom, or if you have a single mom, be a part of a community seeking to join with these ladies as we attempt to provide encouragement and meet the needs along the way of this challenging journey.

What stirs righteous anger in you?
Judgement in the church! I completely believe in the Word and the Biblical guidelines God has so graciously given us. But I truly believe that extending His love through our actions of grace and mercy allows the complete healing of the Almighty God. Sometimes we just need to love the person and get out-of-the-way. I am amazed daily of God’s grace.

What brings you joy?
What truly brings me joy is to watch a broken person receive the amazing gift of healing–to observe someone shattered and torn, with no hope, come to find purpose and freedom. I have observed so many, even from a distance, learn how to live through their pain and allow the act of worship to wash the inside of their soul. This truly describes the word joy.

What are your spiritual gifts?
My spiritual gifts, I believe, are compassion, speaking, creative writing, and leading.

What past experiences, both good and bad, have shown you about your purpose in life?
Through the tragic events of divorce, God truly began to give me compassion for women who find themselves facing this difficult journey. He gave me the ability to relate, understand, and have compassion for these women.

I discovered my ability to creatively write and my desire to speak to as many women as I can to encourage them to continue on. Also, to help them realize that although life might not look the way they pictured it, God still has a plan (a BIG plan) for every woman, single or married, rich or poor, with children or without. There is a lot of my experience I would never want to walk again, but as the scripture says, “God makes everything work together for good.” I would never change the person he has made me through every experience.

If you had to write a purpose statement, what would it be?
My purpose is to give women hope–hope that each day God gives us the opportunity to make an incredible impact on every person He places in our life–that every woman has divine purpose that is uniquely defined for her individual journey.

What scripture verse do you cling to?
Psalms 18 (I love the entire chapter but verse 6 speaks on a daily basis), “In my distress I called upon the Lord and cried out to my God, He heard my voice from His temple. And my cry came before Him even to His ears.”

How can I pray for you, as you fulfill your purpose?
I would ask for prayer of covering and for His hand to creatively move in this ministry, as it often has great pain and suffering. For wisdom and strategy and for generous funds for provision. I have written a book that was literally God-breathed. I would like prayer for clear instructions on what to do with these words that have been penned.

What are some needs of SHE?
Our primary need, right now, is funding. Being a single mom myself, the funding is very important. We are trying to get our non-profit status, which would allow for donations.

You can see one of SHE Organization‘s projects here.

Although this is another “You Rock Mom” story of a mom making an impact in her world, it is not told only to inspire, but to encourage you to give away your gloves, whatever your gloves may be–time, talent, finances, help… Respond to the still small voice that says, “Give her your gloves” and maybe your scarf too.

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Luke 6:31


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  1. Lisa Malstrom
    Feb 12, 2011 @ 14:39:13

    Beautiful! Thanks for writing this Ellen!


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