Fitness Friday-Toss Me a Line, Will Ya?

Okay, so I’m not an expert at fitness, but exercise has always been something I enjoy but not often enough.  I’m not an expert at weight loss, especially since (I’m going to say it) I’m about 4o-50 pounds overweight. (There I said it! It hurt me more than it hurt you–I’m not bold enough to put my weight in print but I’ll just say I’m five feet tall–it ain’t good!)

I need someone to toss me a line. I need accountability! And if I need accountability, you probably need accountability.

Fridays are always tough for me because it’s the beginning of the weekend and I feel my food-guard shutting down. It’s the day I start rationalizing rewarding myself with a treat after a long week.  It’s the day the real fun begins because routines are aside.  So what better way to hold myself and you accountable than to post encouraging tips on Fitness Fridays.

Delicious Pies by LN by ekhum, on Pix-O-Sphere

I do have some experience at health and fitness, as I’ve lost about 20 pounds and gained it back.  I’ve earned my 1st Degree Black Belt in TaeKwon-Do and have quit classes more times than I can count. I have lots of experience but I’m lacking consistency.

I weighed less here

So I’m going back to basics. That’s what all good athletes do when they are struggling with an issue. They go back to basics.

And today I’m hoping to toss you a line of  accountability and encouragement through these basics steps:

1) Calorie counting – I use the LIVESTRONG (FREE) calorie tracker, as well as, their iPhone app to count my calories. You can become my friend on this site so we can hold each another accountable. I honestly haven’t been as consistent as I should be.  My user is “ekhum”.

LIVESTRONG will help you calculate your daily calorie count.  Mine is between 1300-1400 to lose weight.

2) Exercise – Five days a week is my goal because we’ve all heard the saying, “calories in, calories out”. We must be burning more than we’re taking in, to lose weight. I have every excuse in the book. I am injured and have ailments but there’s always something I can do to move and burn calories.

3) Motivation – I really enjoy food and turn to it in times of stress, joy, boredom, etc. In fact, an aggressive solicitor just came to our front door trying to sell who knows what. I confronted her with the fact that our neighborhood is a “No Soliciting” neighborhood and she tried to verbally curb her way around that fact. After we had a few tense words, I closed the door, walked in the kitchen, and stared into the pantry, unconsciously thinking something in their would sooth my frustrated self.

I didn’t partake. Victory! My motivation was that I was in the middle of writing this post.

But I often need motivation beyond myself to say “no” to food or unhealthy food choices. Using Bible verses keep me focused, such as, “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 NASB.

I’m also currently reading the book Made to Crave, which is hitting the nail on the head of my eating issues. I honestly avoid this book at times because it does get to the heart of the matter. So why do I avoid it, if I want change? Because change requires motivation, the want to, a conscious effort to stop unconsciously walking to the pantry to shove food in my mouth for quick comfort.

What about you? Want to join me on this fitness journey?

Let’s go into the weekend better motivated to stay strong with good food choices, strengthening our bodies through exercise, and motivating our spirit to use scripture and Biblical resources beyond ourselves.

Let’s climb this rock together. I’ll spot you, if you spot me.

Climbing by LN by ekhum, on Pix-O-Sphere


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