Counting to One Thousand Gifts, I am thankful for 173) Freedom of Speech!

House Bill 1, which proposes catastrophic spending cuts to Texas school districts, will be considered by the legislature TOMORROW, Friday, April 1. The members of the House of Representatives who represent you need to hear from you immediately!  See contact links and entire Committee email links below.

Please take just a minute to email TONIGHT or make a call to your legislators to urge them to VOTE NO on House Bill 1. House Bill 1 reduces school spending formulas by 3.9 BILLION per year.  This figure is in addition to 1.2 BILLION more in cuts that are also proposed. If this Bill passes it will result in an average of at least 11.3% in spending reductions that our schools simply cannot absorb.

Let’s send an avalanche of polite emails and phone calls opposing House Bill 1 in time to be heard before the vote on this bill!

You can email the members of the below committees. Cut and paste their email addresses to your address block and send the entire committee an email.

House Appropriations Committee: (All Members)


House Appropriations Subcommittee on Article III-Education:  (All members)


House Public Education Committee: (All members)


Don’t forget to contact:

Governor Perry
Email or call 512-463-2000
Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst
Email or call 513-463-0001
Rep. Straus, Speaker, House of Representatives
Joe.Straus@house.state.tx.us 512-463-1000

Here is a copy of the email I sent out:

I personally write this email to you to respectfully ask you to please VOTE NO on House Bill 1.

My children have been in CFISD for their entire school career and my oldest is now embarking on his High School career. I have been very pleased with the education in CFISD and how my kids have thrived academically. The Band and Athletics programs have kept them excited about learning and attending school, as well.

I was a student growing up in California in the 70s and early 80s with all the budget cuts in those school districts. I felt very cheated in my education and involvements. A key reason I have kept my kids in the CFISD schools is because of the quality education and excellent athletics and band programs.

Based on the initial appropriations budgets and projections, drastic cuts would be necessary in CFISD which would hurt this quality of education in our school district that has caused my children and others to flourish in their education.

I am very prayerful and hopeful that the first proposals from the Senate and House appropriations bills will be significantly improved.

As you well know, CFISD has already reduced their budgets by more than $70 million in the last four years so the district is already very lean.

My children have also had quality teachers and educators in CFISD. Because 89% of our budget is in personnel, reductions would result in the elimination of thousands of jobs which would impact programs and services to our students.

I would hope that school district efficiency and inequitable funding should be considered first before cuts are made. School districts, like CFISD, that have demonstrated efficiency, should not receive the same cuts as those districts that are not as efficient.

I think our children’s educations are worth using the state’s rainy day fund to reduce the amount of school funding cuts, especially if school districts are expected to deplete their fund balances.

Thank you for your time and consideration on my children’s behalf, as well as the thousands more children in CFISD.


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