Whimsical Wednesday Memories

My family, outstanding in a field (pun intended).

Among my extended family the unspoken “M” word is “Memories.” We’ve stopped saying, “We’re going to make memories” when we go on an outing because something notoriously happens, like a severe thunderstorm while we’re cutting down Christmas trees, or a child throws up in the car, or we get drenched at the zoo in another storm. The list goes on!

We’re not superstitious but we’ve just chosen to say, “We’re going to do the “M” word.” Potential disaster still doesn’t stop us or the lack of our Texas state flower blooms this year.

I couldn’t even get a decent picture of the maybe 20 Bluebonnets we could find.

This is current condition of our state–Drought.

But that didn’t stop us from enjoying a picnic and hike at Washington on the Brazos, making you know what! The “M” word, with no disasters to boot!

As an aside, I think we should make a Bounty Paper Towels commercial with our nifty way to use paper towels outdoors. Just saying’!

The guys playing with a rugby ball.

Kicking-back on a blanket enjoying God’s creation.

Park by ekhum, on Pix-O-Sphere

Hiking down some trails.

And taking snap shots of those we love.

Chocolate Brandi by ekhum, on Pix-O-Sphere

My guys.

My man nephew. One day he was a kid. Now he’s a man!

An oops on the over exposure but I played with the post processing and discovered a cool photo of my nephew.

My sweet niece on nature’s swing. It held steady with no teenage girls harmed in the process. Our “memories” in tack on this outing. It’s safe to say now. The outing is over. 🙂


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