God Loves You Most

Counting to One Thousand Gifts, 191) Easter treats are teaching kids and watching as they make a “God Loves You Most” mural that reflects the Easter message in their hearts.

192) Homemade desserts. My first key lime pie with my love’s face in the background. Silly man!

193) My sis-in-law’s carrot cake. No leftovers!

194) My Uncle Richard’s cherry pie. Yummm!

195) Cold hard cash in Easter eggs! Cha Ching!

196) Mamma’s patio flowers

197) All the chicks 11-23 years old hunted eggs because of the cold hard cash!

198) My beloved family with my love practicing his “arch and twist” for the photo shoot.

199) My sweet parents (and Shadow the dog) joining our mayhem.

200) My in-laws who mix right into my family. What a blessing!

201) My brother’s crazy, talented family.

202) Our adopted family, the Lueckes, who have been celebrating most holidays with us for years!

203) Sister and brother who will always be, sister and brother.

204) My daddy’s admired stained glass handiwork.

205) A band of brothers.

206) Girl talk.

For these Easter treats, I am truly thankful.


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