Fitness Friday – Ducklings Will Never be Fat (unlike a furry friend I know)

Many people in the neighborhood have discovered the duckling families. Neighbors come on foot or bike with bags of bread in hand. In fact, this evening I took pictures of both duck families together (and a few stray birds) because of people tossing bread. (Tomorrow I’m taking my real camera. These shots are taken with my phone. With some post processing they’re not bad, but now I’m on a feathered mission!)

After the ducks eventually stop eating and the fish and turtles start feasting, I hear neighbors say, “They’re full. They’re not eating anymore.”  Hmm, a lesson learned by my feathered friends. Stop eating when I’m comfortably full. Somehow nature nows how to eat but not humans.

However Miss Sadie Mae, pictured here, has it just as skewed as humans. She’s not interested in the ducklings in the least. She wants bread too! In fact, she made small children cry this evening because she snatched bread right out of their hands. Hmm. Another lesson learned. Don’t be so greedy with food that you make small children cry when you eat it all.

As the feathered families began packing it in for the night on their respective rock homes, people continued to toss bread, distracting them from bed time.

You can see the other duck family in the background, as they snack on the moss on the side of the pond and rocks, eating their vegetation, of course. 😉

Now that the sun has set, both families have packed in it for the night. Notice a white spot between them in the water. It’s an actual hamburger bun that someone threw in the water. The fish and turtles will peck at it until its gone because the ducklings know when they are comfortably full, under their mamma’s wings.


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