Duck Lady?

New York, Central Park has the bird lady and my neighborhood has the duck lady? It’s not unusual (or maybe it is unusual) to find me lurking around our common ponds trying to get a shot of these feathered families. I’m so fascinated with watching nature nurture, protect, defend. I now bring bread (and carrot sticks for Miss Sadie Mae, otherwise she’ll howl) and my Cannon camera.

Mother’s Day weekend was especially delightful to watch them with wonder. Here at dusk, the families have joined together for feasting on breadcrumbs but not for long!

The mamma of eight is definitely the alpha duck. She calls the shots! When the family of five gets too close, she lets them know it. With her beak, she will pinch the tar out of one of the other chick’s neck. It’s so sad.

The family of eight also has the nicer sleeping rock, as it has easier access to the water. Believe it or not, she’s covering all eight here.

The family of five has the higher sleeping rock which requires some maneuvering. And, yes, I stayed until sunset to get these photos. They didn’t seem to mind the flash but they did keep a bird’s-eye on me.

All five are snug as a bug in a rug.

Until the “predator post” and pictures (stay tuned!), good night duck families. Good night.


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