Thankful Thursday-Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes!

Counting to One Thousand Gifts, I am thankful for

209) shoes,

210) shoes, and

211) more shoes.

212) But not just any shoes, “school shoes” for vulnerable and orphaned children of Zambia.

213) The count is still rising.

214) We only needed to raise enough money for 20 kids at $20 each.

215) But people keep giving.

216) We’re not stopping them!

217) Our extra funds will make-up for other people who can’t meet their goal.

218) We’re sharing the giving wealth!

219) After all, nearly 10,000 kids need and will receive school shoes this summer through Family Legacy Camp LIFE, and the 220) generous giving of others.

Camp LIFE brings healing, hope, and joy to children of Zambia and offers American families and individuals a chance to minister and serve.

The theme this summer is “Kingdom” based on Matt. 6:33 “But Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.” The children will hear the Word of God and experience that “kingdom” living firsthand.

At the end of each week of seven camps (about one thousand kids per week), every child will receive a new t-shirt, a bandana, and a brand new pair of “school shoes!”

To attend school in Zambia, children must have a pair of Zambian government approved “school shoes”. In a country where most families are barely surviving on just $1 a day, purchasing school shoes for a child is impossible, let alone for a whole family.

221) My son and I will personally put these “school shoes” on the 10 kids each we will be serving throughout the week! What anticipated joy!

222) Giving an orphaned or vulnerable child a pair of “school shoes” gives them shoes today, school tomorrow, and hope for the future. With an education, these orphans can become leaders in their society.

223) We can’t wait to give them that hope!

To donate or sponsor a child, go here!


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