Children Here, Children There, Children Everywhere!

The first thing you notice on the streets of Zambia is children everywhere. They fill the compound streets, often without a parent or guardian. Many children are not able to attend school because they have to work for extra money or take care of their younger siblings. It is common to see children as young as eight years old taking responsibility for infants during the day.

Zambia has a population of just over 12 million people with a median age of 15.76 years old. That means that over half of the country are children under the age of 16. Parents are dying off from Aids or other preventable and treatable diseases.

Government schools are free to attend for grades 1 through 7; however, students are required to purchase uniforms, shoes, and school supplies. Since 80% of the country lives on less than $2 a day, buying these things is often not an option – therefore school is not an option. The government schools are also very overcrowded with a ratio of 50 students to one teacher and only four-hour school days.

Because there are thousands of children who cannot afford or get into the overcrowded government schools, members of the slum compounds around Zambia have taken to opening Community Schools. Unfortunately, most of the owners of these schools are more interested in making money than in educating children.

Even though the primitive school we visited is in a slum compound, Family Legacy supports it financially and provides it with solid teachers.

Here a Family Legacy staffer is gifting the school with a soccer ball and funding. (Sorry for the poor picture quality)

However, these Community Schools are even more overcrowded than government schools, often with 100 or 200 students per teacher. To help with overcrowding (and to generate more income), most community schools run four sessions per day. Therefore, the kids only go to school two hours a day.

Family Legacy is opening its own schools called Lifeway Christian Academies, throughout the capital city of Lusaka. These schools are bringing quality education with desks and school supplies (along with well-educated teachers) to the slums of Zambia.

We visited an academy under construction with two rooms completed.

Lizzy looks like she belongs in this classroom. 🙂

You can see the children running the streets in this compound as well.

This school will give this compound great hope and these children a great future.

Click here to Learn more > about Lifeway Christian Academies.

And to read about Family Legacy’s educational goals click here: Our Goals >.

On this Thankful Thursday, counting to One Thousand Gifts, I am thankful for:

291) the children of Zambia weaving their way into my heart.

292) for Family Legacy being a conduit for Americans to serve, help and love these children.

293) for the Lifeway Christian Academies that will educate these children and give them hope.

294) that God has blessed me so that I can bless those less fortunate.


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