Blueberry Pickin’!

Summertime calls for whimsical field trips and today my boys and I got up early and went blueberry pickin’ with friends at Chmielewski Blueberry Farm. The skies were ominous, as it’s been storming but the clouds were holding back, so we went for it and are so glad we did, as the cloud cover kept temperatures down in the Texas heat!

We found a cave of bushes loaded with berries and we went to town!  In about an hours time, our family alone ended up with nine pounds of berries along with sweet memories and taste buds that will draw us back to the delightful farm again.  When our friends finished, Zach was not.  I had to encourage him to finish up, so as not to keep them waiting.  He enjoyed the experience, as well as Hudson!

Watching our sweet friends enjoy their experience made it that much more fun!  All the kids from 14 to 3 yrs old had a wonderful time!  My friend, Carolyn, is a Chef, so I’m looking forward to what tasty treats she cooks up!

Hudson and I have already cooked up blueberry muffins that have strangely disappeared. Next up! Blueberry Jam! Yummmm! Make your summer whimsical with fun, inexpensive field trips that encourages creativity within!


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